Can You Be Fired for Reporting Sexual Harassment?

Addressing sexual harassment in the workplace is a significant step, often clouded with unease and apprehension. A prevalent concern is, “Can I be fired if I complain about sexual harassment at work?” Our Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers at Moore Ruddell LLP are here to provide some clarity on this issue.

Understanding Your Rights

Recognizing your legal protections is essential to safeguard your rights in the workplace. The law shields you from retaliation following a sexual harassment report. Retaliation encompasses any unfavorable changes enacted by your employer in response to your harassment report, including, but not limited to, inconvenient work hours, unfair evaluations, or even job loss.

Reporting Sexual Harassment: The Right Way

When it comes to voicing your concerns about sexual harassment, adherence to your employer’s stipulated reporting procedures is advisable. These should be outlined in your employee handbook or human resources policies. In cases where these procedures are absent or ineffective, escalate the issue to a supervisor or the human resources department. Throughout this process, maintaining a detailed record of events, conversations, and other evidence is fundamental to support your case in the face of potential retaliation.

Can You Be Fired? Retaliation Defined

Should you find yourself on the receiving end of retaliation, or in the worst-case scenario, terminated for standing up against sexual harassment, it’s important to remember that the law stands with you. The California Civil Rights Department takes the helm in enforcing laws against workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. You can lodge a complaint with this agency if you’re retaliated against for addressing sexual harassment.

Legal Protections and Remedies

Navigating these situations can be daunting, At Moore Ruddell LLP, our Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers are well-versed in offering guidance and support through these legal intricacies. We help ensure you’re well-informed and prepared if retaliation unfolds.

This journey might seem intimidating, but rest assured, addressing sexual harassment should not lead to your job loss. If it does, it’s a violation, and we’re here to help you tackle it head-on. Your boldness in standing against unfair treatment signifies your strength, and we’re committed to ensuring your voice is heard and respected. Remember, we offer free consultations, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. Contact us today!

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