Sexual Harassment in Remote Work Environments: Know Your Rights and Options

As you may have noticed, our world has experienced a significant shift towards remote work in recent years. This change, largely influenced by global events and evolving technologies, brings its own set of challenges. Among these challenges, an issue that requires immediate attention is the occurrence of sexual harassment in remote work environments. Sexual harassment refers to any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, which could include offensive remarks, unwarranted advances, or sharing inappropriate materials. In a remote work setting,

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How to Report Sexual Harassment at Work

Addressing sexual harassment is a vital step toward maintaining a safe, respectful, and inclusive workplace. If you’re experiencing such harassment, it’s essential to know how to report it effectively. Acknowledging the Issue The first step in dealing with sexual harassment is acknowledging it. Understand what constitutes harassment, and recognize that it’s a serious issue that deserves attention. Remember, you have the right to work in an environment free from unwelcome and offensive conduct. Documenting Incidents of Harassment Thorough documentation can

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